Agreement Prayer Points


Agreement Prayer Points: How to Pray Effectively with Others

Prayer is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and transformation. When we join in agreement with others, we can amplify our prayers and see even greater results. Agreement prayer points refer to specific prayers that we pray together with others, seeking God`s will and blessings for our lives.

But how do we effectively pray with others in agreement? Here are some tips for creating and using agreement prayer points in your own prayer life:

1. Start with Scripture

The Bible is filled with promises and principles that we can use to guide our prayers in agreement. Look for verses that speak to your specific needs and use them as the foundation for your agreement prayer points. For example, if you are praying for healing, you might use James 5:14-15 as your starting point.

2. Be specific and concise

When creating agreement prayer points, it`s important to be clear and specific about what you`re praying for. Avoid general or vague requests that may not be easy to measure or track. Instead, focus on specific areas of need or desire and craft your prayer points accordingly. Also, keep in mind that brevity is key when it comes to agreement prayer points. Short, powerful requests are more effective than lengthy or rambling prayers.

3. Use affirmative language

When praying in agreement, it`s important to use affirmative language that expresses faith and confidence in God`s ability to answer our prayers. Avoid doubtful or negative language that could undermine your faith and discourage others. Instead, use phrases like “we declare and decree” or “we believe and receive” to express your confidence in God`s promises.

4. Pray in faith

Praying in agreement requires faith and trust in God`s goodness and sovereignty. Believe that God hears and answers our prayers according to his will, and trust that he will work all things together for our good (Romans 8:28). As you pray with others in agreement, encourage each other`s faith and speak life into each other`s situations.

5. Follow up with action

Agreement prayer points are not meant to be a substitute for action or effort on our part. While we trust God to answer our prayers, we also have a role to play in bringing about the desired outcome. So after you`ve prayed in agreement with others, take practical steps to align yourself with God`s will and work towards your goals.

In conclusion, agreement prayer points are a powerful way to pray with others and see supernatural results. By starting with Scripture, being specific and concise, using affirmative language, praying in faith, and following up with action, we can create effective prayer points that draw us closer to God and to each other.